Posted on April 27 2016

You should know that having this 7 clothes category on your closet could save you in any situation, so don’t worry, we’re here to guide you in your Summer shopping!
Nohow is a great big world, I think even Christina Aguilera would like that, so we created this quick guide to summer shopping, because we want to help you to choose the right pieces to compose every stunning outfit you can think about! Well, if you want to be perfectly ready for summer, these are the 14 must-have pieces, two for every category, the summer essential.


  • - ICONIC WHITE SHIRT – The classic white cotton shirt is THE must-have. Wear a white shirt and you’ll be impeccable in any situation. We chose the Korean Collar white shirt by Nohow Street Couture.
  • - BLUE DENIM COTTON SHIRT – This is the most casual version of the shirt, but you can decline it in a boho chic way or in a sporty way, it depends on what you wear on the bottom. The shirt of the S/S collection of Messagerie is the one just right for you!


    • - MOSS STICH COTTON SWEATER – Moss stich is one of the most precious stitch-bonded fabrics, and it’s a good choice because it’s a loose-knit weaving, so it’s fresh and comfortable, especially if it’s done with cotton. The AMALFI SWATER by Nohow Street Couture is elegant and stylish.
    • - ELEGANT COTTON CARDIGAN – The cardigan is a summer essential: a cotton cardigan is perfect for a summer night, when the air is fresh and a t-shirt is not enough. The one that we have chosen is POSITANO CARDIGAN by Nohow Street Couture, with moss-stich and an elegant cotton belt.


      • - COTTON TROUSERS WITH ELEGANT PINCES – If you want to be impeccable, I want to disclose a secret: pinces. Pinces are very classy. For this reason we’ve selected a beige trousers by Messagerie.
      • - COTTON BEAT-UP JEANS – The COVE BLUE JEANS by Baronio is the top. There’s a cut to the hem of this trousers that says it is custom-tailored, and we love how this elegant detail is expertly mixed with a rock attitude.


      • - BLACK BOMBER JACKET – This is an ever-green: the classic flight jacket made for the military for over 40 years and features nylon flight satin outer, the bomber is now an essential in every wardrobe. Casual, sporty, cool, we chose the FLIGHT BOMBER BLACK by Nohow.
      • - LEATHER JACKET – This is a spring essential, the iconic leather jacket. The classic model has a rock attitude, and it’s indispensable for those who want to show a strong personality. We chose the Kiodo by Nohow.


      • - LINEN BLAZER – Linen is really, really a summer essential. This fabric looks sophisticated, and it’s very fresh and soft so it’s super comfortable. For this reason we have chosen the patterned blazer by Messagerie.
      • - DUBLE BREASTED – If you’re a gentleman, you need a double breasted. The BLUE AVION DOUBLE BREASTED by Up to One is the perfect choice because of the classy color and the fancy yellow detail.


      • - BLACK T-SHIRT – The t-shirt is the basic clothe everyone need. We choose to give an surfer attitude to this piece, choosing the WILD SPIRIT BLACK T-SHIRT by V2.
      • - WHITE T-SHIRT – As I said, t-shirt is a summer essential. We chose the conceptual allure of the new ANATOMIC HEART WHITE T-SHIRT.


      • - DENIM SHORTS – A sunny day requires a short pant. Shorts are cool and fresh, and you can wear them in a lot of ways: you can be super elegant or casual, but you’ll always be stylish. We have chosen the DENIM ROY SHORTS by !Solid.
      • - COTTON SHORTS WITH PINCES – The elegant version of the shorts is the one with pinces. It’s like a trouser with pinces, but in a reduced version, so it’s ultra classy! We chose the cotton SHORTS by Nohow Street Couture.

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