BUB Shoes: A Real Piece of Art

Posted on May 13 2015



BUB Shoes: A Real Piece Art

When we think about luxury, we are probably referring to an idea of something special for elites who share the same interests.

In this case all of the differences between customers are canceled out.

This is what BUB wants to express with its shoes: a luxurious lifestyle accessible to anyone who wants to create a personal and elegant style.

BUB is a company based in Istanbul and it is increasing its business day after day.

A high-quality product created by expert  craftsmen with premium quality materials. BUB’s wide set of shoes allow you to choose your shoes according to your taste: you can find models like Oxford, Derbies, Boots, Brogues, Loafers and Sneakers.

“We want our customers to enjoy wearing our designs” is the comment of the company’s owner. Buying a BUB Shoe will not be like purchasing any other shoe, but a piece artwork. What BUB sees beyond its designs is a form of art.

Nohow interviewed BUB to better understand its points of view.

1) “Not just a shoe. A lifestyle & an art”: what’s the idea of style and art that Bub wants to communicate

through its product?

BUB focuses on the style of the urban and modern man, while creating dynamic designs to live with through different time slots within the day - from the professional life to parties, and to weekend activities.

While wearing our shoes our customers do not only look good with them and feel confident, they also get compliments all the time and feel the exclusivity.

As you may agree with, designs like “Trulli Rosso” & “Damon Hill” are not just shoes; they are more like 'work of art' where the design team of BUB uses its whole creativity without thinking of making 'commercial' designs.

They have the only aim of creating timeless designs.

2) What are your secret weapons to offer a product of quality to your customers?

As we are not only designers, manufacture our own shoes, we use the best materials and work with the best men in the shoe business. As we do away with the traditional retail channels and bring BUB SHOES directly to our customers via our online store, we can still use the best quality of leather and at the same time offer our shoes for an affordable price.

3) “authentic & provocative”: what are the features that Bub wants to bring out to draw the attention of your


As already mentioned, our goal is not making “commercial shoes”. We allow us making black shinny shoes with red toes, derbies with zippers & rubber soles and many other exclusive designs which you will hardly find in your neighborhood / town / city and maybe in your country as well.

4) When you create new models of shoes, you draw inspiration from a peculiar context or situation?

Of course like many other designers we also love and follow Italian style. BUT almost every design we create has a little authentic “touch” which only belongs to us and are easy to recognize.

5) Have special collaboration planned for the future?

As BUB we love experimenting. We have always collaborations with influencers, photographers and other companies and we will keep doing these also in the future. For the coming season we plan expanding to US and Europe, grow our online business and open physical stores. But first we are going to open sales & distribution offices in each continent to shorten our delivery time and be closer to our US and European customers which make the 60 - 70 % of all our  audience.

6) From where did the idea to create a brand of shoes? Why did you choose a product like shoes?

First we LOVE shoes. During my studies in Germany I could hardly find high quality & unique shoes.

There were only brand products which I could hardly afford. So I came together with a friend, whose family has been many years in shoe business as manufacturers and working with well-known fashion houses together, and we created our own line - 

BUB - which is high quality, modern, authentic and (very important) “accessible” for all.



Author: Costanza Poe

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