New Year's eve: Top 5 destinations

Posted on December 27 2017

Christmas is here, but if you want to plan a good New year’s eve with friends or your partner, you’re in time. Big city? On the beach, with a lot of sun and high temperature? Fresh mountain air? Do you prefer a fun day in an amusement park ? There are a lot of places to enjoy the eve, and to welcome the first day of the upcoming year. Here you are the best 5 destinations to spend your new beginning.


New Year's eve: Top 5 destinations \ New York |  Nohow Style


A classic... The Big Apple is the most desired place during the Christmas Season , especially at New Year’s Eve. New York, the city that never sleeps, the city of a thousand lights will kiss you a special goodnight for the last day of the year, an explosive goodnight. The first thought goes to Times Square and its “ball drop” that, since 1907, catches the attention of about one million people. While the ball drops, everyone wishes love, health and happines surrounded by majestic fireworks, lights and colors. Fun and excitement guaranteed!

Dubai Best Destination


If you’re looking for a big but more exotic city, Dubai is the one for you. It’s probably the most luxurious destinations in the Emirates, so much so that New Year’s Eve is celebrated with 479.651 fireworks. These numbers granted Dubai a spot in the Guinness World Record for the biggest firework show in the world. Here you could enjoy the amazing skyline, dine in a fancy restaurant and dance all night long in one of the most exclusive locations on top of the city.




If you love freezing temperatures, snow and EDM music festivals this is where you should go. At South Lake Tahoe, California takes place The Snow Globe Music Festival which is known to be the best place to listen to all the best electronic dance music artists. You could party and dance all night and if it is still not enough for you, you could always have fun skiing in one of the many facilities of the city.



If you are more into hot temperatures and the idea of 25° C is more appealing to you then you should consider Hawaii for your New Year’s Eve celebrations. You could witness a great fireworks show on Waikiki beach and attend numerous parties in the city’s clubs. This destination also offers you the chance to go on mini cruises all around Oahu Island, snorkeling in Hanauma Bay’s natural reserve, trekking till the top of Leahi volcanic crater and enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view.

Disneyland parigi


Get ready for the most amazing New Year’s Eve ever. If you love excitement, jaw-dropping attractions, theme parks and fairy-like atmospheres, Disneyland Paris is definitely the best choice. The Park offers his visitors many events, like New Year’s Eve parade in which all the Disney characters make an appearance, the magical midnight fireworks show and many great dj-sets to let your inner crazy run wild. Moreover all the attractions will stay open the whole night. All the best you can wish for in one place!

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