The Nokia 3310 Is Officially Coming Back Into Our Lives

Posted on March 03 2017

The phone is back - Nuovo Nokia

After 126 million units sold over the years, in fact, the brand HDM Global Oy, which has the license to sell the historic Finnish company devices, has launched a revised version of the phone that, for a long time made us dream, and introduced us in the era of mobile telephony.

The news was announced overnight at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where a new generation of Nokia smartphones was unveiled; Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3, as well as the return of the 3310.

The estimated price of the new Nokia 3310 is 59 €, maybe even less.

The new and improved model will be available in four colours; Warm Red and Yellow, both with a gloss finish, and Dark Blue and Grey both with a matte finish.

It also boasts 22 hours of talk time as well as a month-long stand-by battery life.

Obviously it can not miss the unique Snake, one of the most engaging and exciting games of all time, which helped to transform the device into a true cultural phenomenon. One wonders if Nokia with the launch of the new 3310 will be able to regain the market share of the past and, above all, if this device will be able to thrill and also mark the lives of young people today.

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