We started in 2014 and haven't stopped smashing it since.
Green and young, we created a silicon valley piece in Umbria, Italy's green heart.

Mariano di Vaio, creative director, and CEO is the mastermind behind Nohow. Mariano di Vaio is a young and successful digital entrepreneur at the top of the Forbes 30under30 retail e-commerce rankings.

Nohow is a confirmed case of successful digital entrepreneurship. Its sales network extends to over 97 countries around the world. Not to mention the innovative social media core business through which the brand communicates its philosophy.


From a small ambitious idea, we created what we are today: a group of young inspired, and talented people who have chosen to embark upon this adventure.

In less than 5 years, our community has grown to 30+ employees with an average age of 30 years.
Really passionate about what we do, we believe in the power of creative minds which is what enables us to keep putting new ideas into practice.

Our main goal? Be a cohesive team where mutual support and freedom of expression are the core values. That’s the reason why we plan weekly activities to enhance group cohesion.